Sacramento Has Roots

From the trees that canopy our streets to the local businesses that strengthen our community, Sacramento is a big city rooted in small-town charm.

We are a family-owned, second-generation landscape company, and we want to make those roots stronger.

We specialize in commercial landscape maintenance and installations, and we view every project as an opportunity to make the City of Trees a little greener with sustainable practices and long-lasting landscapes.

Our Services

Our maintenance crews upkeep commercial properties with regularly scheduled maintenance procedures. We keep landscapes looking tidy while also building a lasting foundation with sustainable practices.

Irrigation Auditing

A faulty sprinkler can waste up to 750 gallons an hour. We do irrigation audits on every project in the spring to identify damaged pipes and leaky sprinkler heads that need repair.
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Cycle Soak Irrigation

Let’s keep water off of Sacramento’s sidewalks. We limit runoff, promote water retention, and develop deeper roots by breaking up irrigation cycles into three daily increments.

Lawn Mulch Clipping

Mowing the lawn is two-fold. Not only are we keeping your landscape looking trim, but we’re also reapplying those freshly cut grass clippings back into your soil to act as a natural fertilizer.

Organic Fertilizers

By incorporating organic fertilizer into our annual fertilizer regimen, we’ve reduced our chemical output by about 25%. Beyond putting fewer chemicals into your soil, organic fertilizer also nurtures the soil’s overall environment so plants can thrive long term.

Green Waste Recycling

We turn all those crunchy leaves into landscape compost. With the help of local partners, we collect and transport green waste (leaves, branches, weeds, etc.) to local facilities that specialize in landscape compost.

Annual Soil Testing

A small soil sample can save your landscape from many unnecessary chemicals. We offer annual soil tests on every maintenance project which helps us configure the best fertilizer regimen for your property.
From water bills to property value, landscape installations have a lasting impact. Our installation teams boost the curb appeal of your property with fresh plants, quality craftsmanship, and an emphasis on sustainable irrigation.

Soil Amendment

Flowers can’t bloom without healthy soil. We improve water retention and fill soil with disease-fighting nutrients by starting every project with a soil amendment.

Irrigation Installations

Let’s avoid that random patch of yellow grass. We make sure that every irrigation system we install or renovate has an even distribution of water to keep your landscape nourished and your water bill manageable.

Curb Appeal

Beautiful landscapes make a strong impression. Whether you need a new plant palette, fresh bark, or complete makeover, we’ll recommend and install the best enhancements for your property. There’s no tree too big!

Recipient of the 2015 Sustainable Business OF THE YEAR Award for
water conservation

We’re proud to serve a community that places such a
strong emphasis on sustainable practices.

The Sacramento Area Sustainable Business Program promotes businesses that adopt environmentally friendly practices, prevent pollution, and conserve resources. Certified members are noted for their efforts in energy conservation, water conservation, pollution prevention, solid waste reduction, green building and transportation air quality.

Our Team

Delta Landscape Team

Paul - Delta Landscape President



Read Paul's Bio

Nowadays, Paul geeks out about sustainability and spends his spare time sipping craft beer and trimming his collection of bonsai trees. But that wasn’t always the case. As a youngster, Paul spent his weekends shoveling dirt at job sites while his father, Nick, ran Delta Landscape. Paul took over as President in 2012, and has continued to make Delta feel like a second family while also emphasizing friendly customer service and making Delta Landscape a leader in sustainable practices.

Paul - Delta Landscape President



Read Rusti's Bio

Between branding, marketing, and big-picture ideas about renovations, Rusti’s duties as Vice President vary by the minute. But perhaps her most important duty is to keep Paul sane by acting as a sounding board for everything from big operational decisions to small floral touches. Rusti really appreciates the impact that Delta Landscape has had on her family and community, and she’s also doing her part to continue the company’s tradition by raising the next generation of Delta Landscapers at home.

Anna - Delta Landscape Repair + Budget Coordinator



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Anna’s official title is Customer Care Coordinator and she’s the main “HQ” for our clients. Between everyday scheduling, repair requests, and client proposals, Anna works in tandem with our Production Manager to plan future projects while also making sure that our day-to-day operations are on track. Luckily for her dog Bailey, Anna’s main HQ on weekends is along Sacramento’s scenic hiking trails and parks.

Lalo - Delta Landscape Maintenance Production Manager



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As our main Production Manager, Lalo prepares job estimates, coordinates business operations with Customer Care Coordinator, and checks in at job sites to make sure that our crews (and lawnmowers) are running on all cylinders. While he’s not in the weeds as much anymore, Lalo loves working outdoors, training his crews, and seeing amazing before & after photos from Delta’s biggest projects. At home, Lalo’s biggest projects are raising his kids, spending time at the park, and fine-tuning his latest carnitas, barbacoa, and ceviche recipes.

Carlos - Delta Landscape Maintenance Supervisor



Read Carlos' Bio

Carlos is our lead Supervisor in the field. And with him leading the way, every patch of grass is a little bit greener. A big sports fan, Carlos loves watching basketball on the weekends, and he instills a similar teamwork mentality with his Delta crews. By training new team members and coordinating their day-to-day needs (hint: water, and lots of it), Carlos ensures that quality work is carried through at every job site.

Our Story