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Delta Landscape Dedicates Mural to Founder

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Blog

In 1978, Niko Voresis moved from the small Greek island of Zakynthos to America in pursuit of opportunities his home country, that he loved, couldn’t offer him. Today he’s remembered as a pioneer in the commercial landscape industry, having built a successful company on the foundation of family, respect and honesty.

Growing up on Zakynthos, Niko found a love for gardening at a young age. He spent his youth picking olives to earn money, but the job became more than a way to earn money. He developed a passion for gardening and landscaping that he carried with him across the ocean. After settling in Sacramento, he turned that passion into a business – Delta Landscape Services – that sustains today.

Sadly, Niko passed away in 2012 after a battle with cancer, but his legacy lives on. Today Delta Landscape is in the hands of the second generation. Niko’s son Paul was born just a few years after the company was formed so it has always been a part of his DNA. As the current President of Delta Landscape, he carries on with the values his father cherished. This month, the family is playing tribute to Niko with the unveiling of a special mural by local artist Emilee Rudd. The art depicts Niko in his happiest place – the garden – and the philosophy that keeps Delta local and family owned, “Sacramento Has Roots.”

“We are so proud of the foundation my father created not only for the business, but also how he treated people. He led the company the way he lived – honorable, respectful and grateful,” said Paul Voresis. “This mural epitomizes all of that and it’s a visual reminder of his presence in the company every day.”

Niko’s commitment to his community and his values is evident in the fact that many of Delta’s current customers are still the clients that he cultivated relationships with during his time leading the business. His relationships, the high level of service the company provides and those deep roots in Sacramento keep Delta competitive despite competition from bigger corporations in the region.

“My dad stood for hard work and family and as the company moves on without him, we want to stay true to his ethic and traditions,” Voresis said.

The family connection is primed to continue with the third generation as well. Paul’s three-year-old son Niko is not only named for his grandfather, but also enjoys hanging out with his dad on the job.

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